Future proofed communications over long distances

What is telematics?

Telematics process of sending information to and from a variety of locations and reacting to it in order to make business decisions.

Those decisions can be real-time choices like where to direct a vehicle, based on immediate data like live traffic information. Or, they can be long-term strategies like how to design a delivery route, based on insights gained through analytics of a broad range of date over time.

As such, telematics is a dynamic and multidisciplinary field. Where once it covered basic telecommunications, now it encompasses vast and growing volumes of data-rich applications, sensors, IoT-enabled devices, electrical engineering and more. New smart technologies are being integrated with existing voice communication channels across radio, IP, mobile devices, cellular and Wi-Fi, and the IoT is only accelerating the pace of development.

Telematics Benefits


Visual and directional control over every mobile asset in real time

Access Control

Full regulation over fleet authorisation and vehicle access via personal swipe cards

Geo Fencing

Risk mitigation through prevention of unauthorised vehicles entering non designated areas


Fully customisable criteria allow for both historical and real-time operational snapshots

Time Analysis

Real-time reporting and top-level overviews allow for optimal time management


Fully configurable warnings mean your fleet is always one step ahead


Live diagnostic functions and warnings for both vehicle and driver behaviour help to eliminate human error

Best Practice

Full insights into driver activity allows you to drive positivity within your fleet

Small data, big decisions: A guide to driving business efficiencies through telematics

Telematics is the process of sending information to and from a variety of locations. In business one of its primary applications is in vehicular telematics. This whitepaper explores how automating the collection, consolidation and analysis of data telematics can dramatically streamline business visibility, decision-making and strategy. Telematics is one of the most exciting and dynamic areas of technology for business and mission-critical processes, and its applications look set to develop dramatically over the coming years as organisations increasingly realise its potential.